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Sports Fixtures & Results - Autumn 2016

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Below are the fixtures and results from the Autumn term of 2016/17.

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Biathlon & Cross Country

Autumn 2016

30th September2.30pm - 5.30pmU10 & U11 BiathlonWestonbirt PrepAwayU11 St Margaret's

U11 Westonbirt

U10 St Margaret's

U10 Westonbirt
14th October4.00pm - 6.30pmBritish Schools Biathlon Regional Qualification Rounds Home (hosting event)


U10 Boys
Alistair 2nd
Josh 4th

U10 Girls
Ruby H 4th
Amelia 7th
Araminta 8th

U11 Boys
Mickey 1st
Jonty 2nd
Theo M 3rd
Alex B 6th
Max 7th

Theo McM 9th
Leo 10th

U11 Girls
Eva-Rose 4th
Harriette P 7th
Beatrix 10th
Claire 13th

Lolly 15th
Isabel 16th
Iris 17th
Zina 18th

U12 Boys
Theo D 2nd

U12 Girls
Aurora 7th
Alex 9th
Hannah 11th
Bea  14th
7th November1.30pm - 4.30pmU8 & U9 Girls' Bath Schools' Cross Country Run Royal HighU8A - team winners
7th November2.00pm - 4.30pmU8 & U9 Boys' Bath Schools' Cross Country Run Kingswood PrepU8A
Charlie 11th
Gwion 28th
Alexei 40th
Archer 43rd
Rufus 44th

William 17th
Arthur 40th
Ollie 45th
Liam 47th

George 18th
Luke 25th
Harry 44th
Elis 52nd
Alexander 53rd

Hugo 15th
Tamay 33rd
Max 36th



Autumn 2016

19th September2.00pm - 4.00pmU8 & U9 FootballStonarHomeU8 Lost 1-4
U9 Draw 4-4
28th September2.00pm - 4.00pmU10 & U11 FootballStonarHomeU11 Match adjusted at Half Time

U10 Match adjusted at Half Time
30th November2.00pm - 4.45pmU10 Bath Schools' Football Festival


King Edward'sU10A

Match 1 vs Kingswood
Draw 1-1

Match 2 vs Monkton
Draw 1-1

Match 3 vs The Paragon
Draw 1-1

Match 4 vs KES
Lost 0-4

Match 5 vs Warminster
Lost 1-2


Match 1 vs KES
Lost 0-3

Match 2 vs Kingswood
Lost 0-2

Match 3 vs Heywood
Lost 0-4

Match 4 vs Monkton
Draw 0-0
30th November2.00pm - 4.45pmU11A Bath Schools' Football Festival
 KingswoodMatch 1 vs The Paragon
Draw 1-1

Match 2 vs Heywood
Won 3-1

Match 3 vs Kingswood
Lost 1-2

Match 4 vs Monkton
Draw 2-2
30th November2.00pm - 4.45pmU10 Bath Schools' Girls' Football Festival Kingswood (Lower Astro)Match 1 vs KES C
Draw 0-0

Match 2 vs KES A
Lost 0-1

Match 3 vs KES B
Won 2-1

Match 4 vs Monkton B
Lost 0-1
30th November2.00pm - 4.45pmU11 Bath Schools' Girls' Football Festival Kingswood (Upper Astro)U11A

Match 1 vs Kingswood A
Draw 0-0

Match 2 vs RHJS A
Won 3-1

Match 3 vs Kingswood C
Lost 1-0

Match 4 vs Kingswood D
Won 1-0

Match 5 vs RHJS D
Won 3-0

Match 6 vs RHJS B
Draw 0-0


Match 1 vs Kingswood B
Won 1-0

Match 2 vs RHJS C
Won 2-1

Match 3 vs RHJS B
Won 2-0

Match 4 vs Kingswood D
Draw 0-0

Match 5 vs Kingswood A
Draw 0-0



Autumn 2016

21st September2.15pm- 4.30pmU10 & U11A, B  HockeyKingswoodAway (Kingswood)U11A Lost 0-6

U11B Lost 0-4

U10A Lost 3-4

U10B Lost 0-3
26th September2.00pm - 4.45pmU9 Bath Schools' Hockey Festival WarminsterMatch 1 vs Kingswood
Win 1-0

Match 2 vs RHJS
Win 2-0

Match 3 vs Kingswood
Win 4-1

Match 4 vs RHJS
Lost 1-5
28th September2.00pm - 4.00pmU10A & B & U11A & B HockeyThe Royal HighHomeMatch Cancelled
3rd October2.30pm - 4.00pmU8 & U9 HockeyThe Royal HighHomeU9A Win 6-2

U8/9B Lost 4-7

U8/9C Lost 1-6

U8/9D Lost 0-6
5th October2.30pm - 4.00pmU10 & U11 HockeyWarminsterHomeU11A Draw 0-0

U11B Won 1-0

U10A Won 2-0

U10B Lost 0-1
10th October2.30pm - 4.00pmU8A HockeyWestonbirt PrepHomeWin 4-0
17th October2.30pm - 4.45pmU8 & U9 HockeyPinewoodHomeU8A vs Pinewood
Lost 2-7

U8B vs Pinewood
Lost 2-0

U9 vs Pinewood A
Lost 0-4

U9 vs Pinewood B
Won 4-0
19th October2.00pm - 4.45pmU10 & U11 HockeyWestonbirt PrepAway 
31st October2.00pm - 4.30pmU9 HockeyWestonbirt PrepAway 
2nd November2.30pm - 4.00pmU10A & B & U11A & B HockeyThe ParagonHome 
9th November2.00pm - 4.45pmU10A Bath Schools' Hockey Tournament  5th place out of 6
9th November2.00pm - 4.45pmU11A Bath Schools' Hockey Tournament  Paragon
Won 2-0

Draw 0-0

Lost 1-3

Lost 0-3

5th place out of 10
9th November2.00pm - 4.45pm U10 Bath Schools' Hockey Festival   
9th November2.00pm - 4.45pmU11 Bath Schools' Hockey Festival  Monkton
Draw 0-0

Draw 0-0

Royal High
Won 3-0

Won 3-0
14th November1.30pm - 4.30pmU8 Bath Schools' Hockey FestivalBath Schools U8A vs RHJS
Draw 1-1

U8A vs KES
Won 2-1

U8A vs Kingswood
Draw 1-1

U8A vs Paragon
Lost 0-1

U8A vs Warminster
Won 1-0

U8B vs Kingswood
Lost 1-2

Draw 1-1

U8B vs Monkton
Draw 1-1

U8B vs Paragon
Won 3-1

Draw 1-1

U8C vs KES
Lost 0-2

U8C vs Heywood
Won 1-0

U8C vs Kingswood
Lost 0-2
16th November2.50pm - 4.00pmU11/12 HockeySt Mary's CalneHome 



Autumn 2016

14th September2.30pm - 4.30pmU10 & U11 Rugby Training MatchPrior ParkAway (Cricklade)Training Match
26th September1.30pm - 4.30pmU9 Bath Schools' Rugby Festival Monkton CombeMatch 1 vs Westonbirt Prep
Draw 10-10

Match 2 vs Heywood Prep 
Draw 15-15

Match 3 vs Kingswood 
Win 30-15 
3rd October2.30pm - 4.45pmU8 & U9 RugbyPinewoodAwayU9 Win 50-45

U8 Draw 25-25
5th October2.30pm - 4.30pmU10 & U11 RugbyWarminsterAwayU11 vs The Paragon
Lost 0-15

U11 vs Warminster
Won 20-0

U10 vs The Paragon
Won 15-10

U10 vs Warminster
Draw 15-15
10th October2.30pm - 4.00pmU8A Tag RugbyWestonbirt PrepHomeWin 65-60
12th October2.00pm - 4.30pmU10 & U11 RugbyWestonbirt PrepAwayU11 vs Kingswood
Won 30-10

U11 vs Westonbirt
Lost 0-5

U10 vs Kingswood
Won 35-20

U10 vs Westonbirt
Won 15-10
17th October2.00pm - 4.30pmU8 & U9 Tag RugbyWarminster & Monkton CombeAway (Warminster)U8 vs Monkton
Won 40-35

U8 vs Warminster
Won 50-40

U9 vs Monkton
Won 20-15

U9 vs Warminster
Won 25-10
19th October2.00pm - 4.45pmU10 & U11 Bath Schools' Rugby Festival KingswoodFriendly
19th October2.15pm - 4.00pmU10 & U11 RugbyThe ParagonHomeU11
Lost 10-50

Lost 5-20
14th November

2.00pm - 4.45pm

U8 Tag RugbyBath Schools Kingswood
Draw 30-30

Won 40-30

Won 35-25

Won 30-20
16th November2.00pm - 4.45pmU11 Bath Schools' Rugby Festival 

King Edward's (Bathampton)


U11 vs Clifton College
Lost 0-25

U11 vs Kingswood
Draw 15-15

U11 vs Colstons
Won 15-10

U11 vs KES
Lost 5-20

U11 vs Monkton
Lost 0-20
28th November2.00pm - 4.30pmU8 & U9 RugbyThe ParagonPrior Park CollegeU8A Tag Rugby
Won 45-40

U8B Tag Rugby
Draw 45-45

Won 35-30



Autumn 2016

2nd December4.00pm - 5.00pmU8 & U9 Swimming GalaWestonbirt PrepHomeNo official results but a very enjoyable gala and some excellent swimming from all


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