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Communication with Parents

In This Section

St Margaret’s believes that working with parents is of paramount importance to each child's educational success. Parents are an integral part of our school community. Maintaining strong and positive relationships with them is vital if we are to help every child in our care to reach their potential.

Therefore, we place an extremely high value on the relationship between parents, pupils and staff. We encourage parents to take time to get to know the school and the staff who are responsible for the education of their children. Effective communication between parents and school is essential to ensure the safety, well-being, motivation and all-round development of each pupil.

We also ask you, as parents, to support your child’s learning by providing guidance and encouragement and somewhere for them to study at home.

Contact with our parents is maintained in a wide variety of ways including:


The end of session collection of our Kindergarten pupils takes place from their classroom, rather than from the playground with the rest of the school.

Parents are invited to join in songs with their children at the beginning and end of each week in Reception.

An ‘Open House’ takes place in the Autumn and Spring terms, to which family and friends are warmly welcomed.

The EYFS noticeboard provides opportunities for sharing information, detailing children’s interests and celebrating WOW moments. Additionally, ideas generated by both children and their parents are integrated into staff planning.

Parents are encouraged to support trips, assist with activities and share information relating to their profession, their interests and hobbies, or indeed about their culture.

Children within EYFS receive two written reports per year, one at Christmas and one in the summer. Learning Journeys are sent home at the end of every term, and parents are also invited to Parents’ Evenings 3 times a year.

YEARS 1 - 6

An ‘Open House’ takes place in the Autumn term for Year 1, to which family and friends are warmly welcomed.

Pupils receive one full written report during the course of each academic year.

Progress Books are sent home each term, detailing proficiency in English, Mathematics and Science, alongside any examination results or standardized testing information.

A Parents’ Evening is arranged for each year group twice a year; of course parents may also consult members of staff by arrangement at any time should they feel the need.


Liaison and transition meetings are held at key points in the school year, providing general information to parents about the immediately forthcoming educational programme and related activities; these are often accompanied by documentation for parents who may be unable to attend.

There is a daily Communication Book throughout Pre-Prep to ensure that parents and staff work together to encourage the best possible development of each pupil. From Year 3 onwards this becomes a Homework Diary, into which all parties are invited to contribute. Families with children up to Year 4 also share a daily Reading Record.

Parents wishing to discuss any matter concerning their child can contact the school by telephone or e-mail, where our friendly and efficient administrative team will ensure that your needs are dealt with promptly.

Informal contact can be made with staff at school events such as plays, concerts, sporting fixtures and social activities.

All parents have a confidential login to the school portal, through which they can access reports, letters, photographs and video footage.

Increasingly, e-mails are used by the school to send information to parents more efficiently.

The Clarion Call mobile phone text system advises parents of immediate changes, such as delays in return journeys on trips etc.

The many successes of the school are regularly reported in local and national press.

The school maintains a Twitter account with regular news updates.

St Margaret’s provides additional links with parents via a termly newsletter from the Headmistress; an end of term letter from your child’s class teacher will also be forwarded.

‘The Echo’, our school magazine, is sent home with children at the end of each term.

Our active and supportive Parents’ Association works with the school very closely.

Severe weather or any other matters causing school closure is reported via local radio stations, texts to parents and via a website notification.

Finally, the school website provides a strong link to the activities of the school, sharing key information with the entire St Margaret’s community.

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